About SGR Gold

Sabeka Gold Precious Metal And Stone Trading LLC offers complete
solutions aimed at the entire production chain from performing
recovery analysis and refining precious metals, manufacturing
items for banks, individuals, industry, and jewelry, to transport
and logistics services.
“Sabeka Gold has more than 30 years
of experience and reputation in gold and silver as its key position
in the production chain that makes Sabeka Gold the ideal partner
for all operators in the precious metal business, including but not
limited to, mines, professional dealers, jewel producers, industrial
consumers, and private investors. ”

“We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, who work for making the process hassle-free, risk-free and
highly secured. We thoroughly understand the business legalities and provide unmatchable hedging facility, which is covering
all the international time zones, round the clock. To provide and maintain excellent service, our team is always up-to-date on
market events & trends and always keen to bring innovations and adopt the newest technologies.”

“The Board, officers, and employees of Sabeka Gold commit themselves to the principles of sound corporate governance in
line with Sabeka Gold rules, policies and procedures and acknowledge that the same shall serve as a guide in the attainment
of Sabeka Gold corporate goals, the creation of value for all its stakeholders, and in sustaining Sabeka Gold long-term viability

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